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Without Firing a Shot is available in two eBook versions for reading on your PC, Mac, or hand-held device: Kindle and ePub. The Kindle version is only for Kindle readers while the ePub version is used for other popular readers such as Nook™, Adobe® Digital Editions, and Sony® Reader.  If you don't already have one of these eBook readers installed on your PC or Mac, click on the link for the reader you would like to install, download the free software and follow the installation instructions. In my opinion, of the ePub readers listed here, the Adobe® Digital Editions has the best interface and is the most user-friendly.

                             To read the eBook on your PC or Mac

Once you have your new reader installed, click on the appropriate "Add to Cart" button below to purchase your eBook copy of Without Firing a Shot. After you have completed the checkout process, a download dialog box will pop up. If the dialog box doesn't pop up automatically within 30 seconds, click on the "Return to Roncore Media" link to force the download.

Once the dialog box appears, you will be given the option to "Open With" or "Save" the file. Choose the "Save" option and download the file to a location on your computer that you can find easily. Launch your reader, go to the "Library" tab, click on "Add to Library", navigate to the ebook file you downloaded to your computer and add it to your reader. Different readers may have somewhat different paths but they are all basically straight forward.

To read the eBook on your hand-held device

If you wish to sync this book to your hand-held device, please refer to the documentation for your device to make sure that syncronization is possible before you download it here. If syncronization is not possible from your PC or Mac, you can purchase it from the appropriate online book stores.

To download directly to your Kindle click here and follow the instructions on the right side of the page.

To download directly to your Nook™ device click here.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad that has iBook installed on it, you can purchase this eBook by clicking on the ePub version button on this page, copy the file to the iBook folder in iTunes then sync your iPhone or iPad to your computer.

Use this button to purchase the Kindle version for your computer.


Use this button to purchase the ePub version for your computer.


These buttons will direct you to the PayPal shopping cart for Roncore Media where you will have the option to purchase this book with your PayPal account or a credit card. All eBook purchases are non-refundable.

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