About the Author

Born in Louisiana in 1960, and growing up in various parts of the south, Ron Walker witnessed some of the most historic and turbulent times in American history. The youngest of four children, he quickly learned to become a people watcher, which afforded him the opportunity to learn not only from his own mistakes, but also from the mistakes of others. 

In his travels, he has lived in many parts of the country and has worked with people from almost every walk of life. His insights into human nature come from lengthy discussions with those he has met along the way. He understands people and the common threads that bind them together, so eloquently stated in the American Declaration of Independence: the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Often referred to as the voice of reason by many of his friends, he is an average American whose experiences have taught him that it is always best to deal with life’s challenges in an open and honest manner. It is his real-world approach and straightforward style that make his writing so compelling. 

Being politically independent and realizing the fallibility of human beings, he appreciates the value of open debates and the exchange of ideas by those who wish to find workable solutions to problems, instead of defending radical ideologically driven agendas. He is a firm believer in sorting through all points of view, keeping what works and discarding the rest.

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