What has happened to American liberty?

One of the major hindrances to the advancement of mankind is the subliminal mind control of political correctness - or PC. Once thought of as merely a method by which society could become more sensitive to the needs of others, PC has become a brainwashing technique used by those who wish to control not only our minds, but also our actions.

Those who use PC in this manner prey on natural human compassions to further their own hidden agendas. They will advance their agendas by almost any means necessary, including the use of false accusations and outright lies. Far too often those agendas have very little, if anything, to do with the problems they claim to solve. In most cases, they ultimately harm the very people they claim to help.

In his book, author Ron Walker offers you a stimulating read by inviting you to recognize and analyze the difference between sensitive speech and agenda-driven propaganda. He believes that, while large numbers of people have become wary of political correctness in public discourse, most of them are hesitant to challenge it publicly due to fear of ridicule and intimidation from those who claim to be more intelligent. Ron offers a common sense approach to dealing these so-called intellectuals - referred to in the book as “intellectual warriors”:

“These warriors may be well-educated, and may even have a higher IQ than you, but don’t be intimidated by this. An intelligent person can take a large heap of cow manure, cover it up with tarps, dress it up with flower arrangements and sculptures, and call it art. But the truth is, once you get down to the bottom of it, it is still just a huge pile of crap.”

Without Firing a Shot is not about trading one form of mind control for another. Using real-life examples and in-depth analysis, the author explains how to look for the signs of the shell game known as political correctness in order to better understand the world in which we live. Whether you agree with his opinions or not doesn't really matter. His thought-provoking commentary challenges and encourages you to discover a method by which you can free yourself from preconceived political ideologies, research the facts with an open mind, discover the truth, and draw your own conclusions.

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